We seek in SKYAMMAN Real Estate to provide all the requirements of our customers and their needs related to real estate investment in Jordan, in addition to protecting them from any attempts to exploit or cheat and do not fall between the jaws of real estate dealers and brokers.

Many investors are looking to buy a ready-made property or a property under construction. Therefore, we offer you the real estate appraisal service through a specialized team with extensive experience in the methods of valuation and evaluation of various properties and a broad knowledge of the principles of space and economy and real estate laws, its mission to evaluate the real estate value and determine the real value for the property in the local market.

The assessment is not based on the study of geographical location only. It is controlled by the natural factors surrounding the real estate environment, the general economic factors, the laws and regulations, the expectations of the real estate market, the size of supply and demand, competition, nature of the property and its condition.

SKYAMMAN Real Estate team will then submit a full integrated report about the property based on these studies and analyses, which we can summarize as “real estate valuation”.

We use the best professional scientific methods to value real estate with high credibility and transparency in order to build bridges of trust with our clients and provide support and consultation in all their investment or real estate decisions.